Monday, 1 December 2014

The No7 and More Haul

This mascara was quite literally waved in front of my face by a sales assistant and as I listened to the features of it, I was completely taken in. I followed the assistant over the counter where I purchased this mascara, received gifts with purchase and booked in for a make over. 

This mascara is described as "a dazzling combination of black pearl and sapphire" with black pigment that forms "dramatic black lashes". This is a volumising mascara with a medium-sized curved wand - great for wiggling between lashes. It has an extremely lightweight formula which means it's easy to build up a good few coats. Plus - it's hypo-allergenic, great if you ever get sensitive eyes!

After purchasing the mascara above, I chose to book in for a makeover with No7. This particular foundation was chosen for me as I wanted something that would last hours throughout my night out later on that evening. Also, my skin was recovering from a bad reaction to a unknown product so I wanted something that wouldn't further irritate my skin (this is where the hypo-allergenic bit comes in). The match made device (check it out here if you haven't heard of it) chose a slightly darker shade for me but we picked a lighter shade in order to accommodate the colour difference between my face and neck.

I could talk forever about why I love this foundation so I'll leave that for another blog post. But I will say this - it's medium coverage but lightweight so it's buildable. It blends well into the skin and gives a natural but really flawless finish. And it lasts for ages. 

Another product used during the makeover, I purchased this as No7 understood the skin troubles I was having a picked out a suitable moisturiser that suited me. This day cream uses a multivitamin and mineral blend to hydrate, energise and mattify for radiant skin. It also has zinc to regulate oil production and thus prevent breakouts. It's also hypo-allergenic and has SPF15. Sounds pretty good to me!

The consistency of the cream is quite thick so it feels quite luxurious but it still sinks quickly into the skin. While I tend to use a primer in my morning make-up routine, I found there hasn't been a need for one with this moisturiser. As I mentioned before, it mattifies and it just generally creates a good base for foundation. I need to leave some time to see how my skin takes to this but so far. no complaints.

This was another product that was used on me during the make over and was applied with a fan brush. Personally I've been applying this straight from the tube onto the apples of my cheeks and using my fingers to blend the products up towards my temples. The make up artist at No7 described this at a cream to powder finish and it feels extremely lightweight on the skin when compared to other cream blushers I've used.

This blush is highly pigmented (a lot more baby pink than it seems in the photos) but using your fingers allows you to warm the product up when blending and gives a lot more control. It gives a lovely winter flushed look when blended! 

I was given this as a sample when I purchased the mascara during my first trip to No7. Unfortunately the colour name isn't on the packaging but I think it's the colour 'mink'. I'd describe it as a purple grey with high shimmer. I am yet to use this eyeshadow but I think it would like really nice involved in a smokey eye - especially for brown eyes.

This was a gift with purchase during my mascara purchase and I think it's a huge shame I didn't receive it during summer! The lip gloss is a coral peach with a subtle shimmer and has an extremely thick consistency so I think this one would look great on it's own. No7 describe this as a collagen boosting moisturising gloss that contains vitamins so I can image this being really nourishing on the lips. 

No7 High Shine Lip Crayon - Delicate Pink
Sample Size
This lip crayon was another sample I received during my second visit to No7. I find the formulas of lip crayons tend to be quite moisturising and it seems this one is no different. It gives a sheer wash of colour but is somewhat buildable. This colour is a soft, delicate pink (if you hadn't already guessed by the name) and has a high shine with underlying gold shimmer. I think this would be a great lip product if you're just getting into make-up as it's not too bold and doesn't require much effort to apply. 

Sample Size
Yet another sample given to me at the makeover! This is a radiance boosting beauty fluid, very different to any highlighting products I've tried before. The consistency is almost water like, which makes it easy to work with, in a pearlescent gold. No7 suggest placing this under foundation which is something I've never thought of doing and I can image it makes you look lovely and glowy. I think it would also look gorgeous swept across the cheekbones for more of a bold look - a good one for Christmas parties! 

Sample size
I received this sample with the products I purchased from the make over and I'm glad I got a lengthening mascara as the other one I purchased was a volumising one. It aims to give fluttering lashes which are my favourite everyday lashes and it's easy to build layers without creating clumps. It has a plastic wand (which I also prefer for day mascaras) and is flexible with lots of fine bristles making it easy for coating the smallest lashes. 

Let me stop the post here and talk about the service I received at No7. As I mentioned before, I was swept away with the mascara and the sales assistant (Sedat at Boots in Cribbs Causeway) took time with me to explain about the features and also book me in for a make over. The make over itself was a such lovely experience, all the staff made me feel at ease and I didn't feel at all rushed. All of my skin concerns and personal make-up preferences were taken into consideration and Sedat talked through all the products being used on my face. Furthermore, No7 are one of the most generous companies I have come across it terms of giving samples and gifts with purchase! 

I've heard these glosses, particularly this colour, raved about in the beauty community and was so excited to see my local Next stocked Nyx products. The colour is a brown/peach nude and the formula is extremely creamy and moisturising. I actually find the consistency similar to Tanya Burr's lip glosses (see a review here). I wore this gloss to my graduation which I think proves that it's a winner! Bonus - Nyx are cruelty free! 

I slack on eye products as a general rule. If I'm running late - I always chose lip products over eyeshadows. I tend to reserve eye products if I want to look more put together. But there's something about jumbo eye pencils that make an eye look seem so easy to do. The colour is a deep bronze colour with a slight sheen to it. I can't help but gravitate towards browns as they make blue eyes pop! I also used this in my graduation make-up along with Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette to create a subtle brown smokey eye.

Since completely wearing out a pair of slip on trainers, I've it at the back of my mind to buy some more. Originally £20, I found these slip on skater shoes in the sale section of |Topshop for £10 and when I got to the till they were £7! This particular pair are a mock croc material which I wouldn't usually go for but the print looks very subtle in white. 

I first wore these on a trip to the hairdressers and paired them with the trousers below, a white lace t-shirt and a black leather jacket. The shoes felt a little stiff when I put them on and as I began walking I could feel them digging into my heels. By the time I had finished at the hairdressers and begun walking home, I genuinely had to take them off and walk barefoot as I was in so much pain. I'm hoping that they're just a bit difficult to wear in and that I'll eventually be able to wear them again. I'm thinking of putting them in the wash on a low heat to soften them up - if anyone has any tips for wearing in difficult shoes, let me know in the comments! 

Topshop Trousers - Tall Range
I've always wanted a pair of trousers like these but wasn't sure if I could pull them off.  I love the off-duty look these have and I think they'd look great paired with wedged trainers and a leather jacket. I was more than happy to see these in the sale at Topshop for £20. Another bonus - these are from the Topshop tall range which is designed for women 5'7" and taller. Being 5'11", finding the right length trousers can sometimes be a struggle. Let's just say I have a lot of 7/8th jeans without intending to!

The trousers have an elastic waistband and bottoms with deep pockets. There's a main pattern down the front/back of the trousers with a more intrinsic pattern at the sides but it doesn't look too busy. I've been wearing these a ton recently - they're so comfortable and easy to throw on. Oh, and I also couldn't help throwing in a photo of my bunny Benjamin exploring the new things on the front room floor!

Have you tried any products from No7 or Nyx? Is there anything you would recommend?



  1. I've never tried anything from N07! I really want to try the blush!

    Ana Leote | Meet Me @ 2 am

    1. Neither had I before this! I'm really impressed with their products - I'd definitely recommend their blush!

      Thanks for reading :) Hollie x