Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Superdrug Haul and Review

I've hit a blogging plateau recently, which is made worse by the fact I actually have plenty of posts in the pipeline that are half finished. Which is why this post is beyond delayed - I purchased these products from Superdrug a while ago but haven't got round to talking about them until now! Also, I need to apologise for the quality of these photos - I don't know how I thought they were acceptable blog material but I'm still learning so bare with me!

Although I remove my make-up and cleanse before a shower, I find I like something to clean a little deeper whilst I'm in the shower. I've never really tried Garnier products but this seems to do the trick in removing any excess oil, brightening the skin and giving it a subtle scrub. 

This is a repurchase as I had the travel dilemma of leaking product into a suitcase. This is my second micellar water after using the cult Bioderma and I can honestly say this is a good dupe for half the price. They only compliments I have is the pourer isn't great which I feel makes me end up using more product but I can't complain too much for the price!

I play it really safe with my nails but wanted something bright for the summer (remember these are old purchases), I've always been a fan of Barry M Nail Paints but this was the first time using the 'gelly hi-shine' which I found thicker and lasted a lot longer! I was asked by Superdrug for them to use this photo in their 'customer gallery' on their website which I feel proves what a gorgeous colour this is! 

I haven't been using heat on my hair recently but as my hair gets bigger at the ends it tends to leave me looking like a triangle. Therefore, I always use some kind of volumising product and this one really works. It leaves my hair looking more put together naturally but also works really well alongside a hairdryer. Big fan of this one! 

I tend to use face masks once a week but am yet to really invest in a high quality mask. I picked up three (a chocolate self-heating mask not shown) of these one packets from Superdrug which are a bargain at only £1! It's hard to know if they're making a change long-term but if not then they make a nice little treat for a pamper night. 

I can see why this foundation is raved about so much. It's my first time in years not using a MAC foundation and I'm really impressed. It gives a lovely healthy glow to the skin and blends easily. The only issue is the range of colours. I've previously found that drugstore shades tend to run darker so I went for the lightest shade which is 'light porcelain'. This is the lightest foundation I have ever used - I genuinely looked ridiculous. I then bought the next shade up, 'ivory', which, of course, is too dark so I've stuck to mixing them together. A great product overall but I wish Rimmel would do more shades!
(for comparison - I'm NC15 in MAC)

I don't have any experience with liquid blushes but this is brilliant. It blends a whole lot easier than a cream blush and gives a dewy finish not found in powder blushes. I have the shade 'pop of pink' which is a bright pink but would definitely purchase the other shade which is 'sunkissed cherry'. 

I've been on the hunt for a good orange lipstick and thought I'd give one of the Revlon lip butters a try. I'll be honest, this isn't something I've continued to reach back for. I think the formula is too wet for a such a bright colour - a dryer lipstick would be better to hold the colour in place. Also as I'm so pale, this washes me out if I don't have a tan! 

I have another Moisture Renew nude (Let's Get Naked) which is currently my most used lipstick so I thought I'd pick up another one! This is in the shade 'Nude Delight' and is more of a browny pink nude which looks gorgeous with dark eyes by itself or with a nude gloss over top for extra dimension.

I'd like to convince myself that these are purely practical purchases make-up wise - I chose black as a was in need a new standard pencil eyeliner (until I realised I had 3 waiting at home), a white for bigger doll looking eyes and a brown mainly for extending the tear duct area (a trick which I learnt from this Johanna Herrstedt).

I've also gone over 70 followers on bloglovin and I am so grateful to every single one of you for reading! 
Hopefully this has kicked my bloggers writers block and there'll be lots of new posts in the future!