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The Clothes Show 2014


 Rimmel Gift Bag - £10

Scandaleyes Mascara by Kate Moss in Jet Black (004)
New mascara and the first by Kate Moss, this one has a volumising formula with a broken heart shaped brush. 

Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in 01
Long lasting lipstick with a creamy texture and a cupcake like smell. This particular colour is slightly deeper than your typical red. My friend swears by this lipstick and I've always noticed it hasn't budged hours and hours after applying. 

BB Cream Matte in Light (Sample Size)
The matte take on Rimmel's original BB cream. A 9-in-1 skin perfecting make-up that minimises pores, controls shine and smooths the skin. 
I've used the original BB cream and really enjoyed it so I'm excited to see how this turns out. 

Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer in Starlit Black (263)
Retractable waterproof eyeliner pencil with a defined tip, smudger and built-in sharpener. High longevity with a creamy pigmented texture. 

Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Ultimate (046)
Retractable lip liner with a defined tip for precision and a long lasting formula.
The colour is a deep brown - I thought it was an eyeliner at first! I'm going to have to do some research before I use this! 

Stay Blushed! Liquid Cheek Tint in Sunkissed Cherry (004)
A lightweight liquid cheek tint that blends well and has a long lasting formula. Only available in 2 shades in the UK (but 5 in the US!?) of which the other is 'Pop of Pink' a bright pink shade. I owe Pop of Pink and needed to buy Sunkissed Cherry too so I was thrilled to see it in my gift bag!

Glitter Bomb Nail Varnish in Disco Fever (018)
Clear polish with big chunks of silver reflective glitter. I love glitter nail varnish (even if it is a pain to remove) but I've never tried one so bold before!

 Barry M Gift Bag - £10

Nail Paint Limited Edition in Seaside
A sheeney blue nail polish with purple shimmer. This is what I'd picture mermaids would use if they wore nail varnish. 

Nail Paint in Magenta Glitter
Exactly what it says on the tin - magenta nail varnish with subtle sized glitter. One of the most out there nail varnishes in the gift bag - bold colour and glitter but I'll certainly give it a go!

Nail Paint Sequin Nail Effects in White
White sheer nail varnish with green, blue, pink, gold and silver glitter.  

Nail Paint Magnetic in Violet 
Shimmery violet with white/violet through it. I'm a bit disappointed as I'm missing the magnetic to the top of the nail varnish. I'd previously purchased two more of these shades so I do have some magnetics handy but they're different patterns!

Nail Paint Textured Nail Effects in Ridley Road 
A mint green textured nail varnish. Always admired mint shades but never thought they'd suit me! A little background - this nail varnish is named after a place where Mr Barry Mero himself spent his early working days in markets. 

Nail Paint Limited Edition for Boots in Tinsel Town (Discontinued)
Clear nail varnish with tinsel effect pieces in magenta, green and purple. Big fan of Christmas nail varnishes - I think they're a subtle way to incorporate the holiday cheer! 

Loudmouth Extreme Lip Colour in Chatterbox
Highly pigmented liquid lipstick in a bright rose pink shade. I was a little disappointed with this as it's a tester. Not sure if that was a mistake but either way it hadn't been used. Little unsure that it comes from a tube but it can always be applied with a lip brush. 

Super Soft Eye Crayon in No1
Chubby eyeliner (wasn't sure if this was an eyeshadow crayon but SprinkleofGlitter mentioned she uses it as an eyeliner!). This reminds me of Benefit' Bad Gal eyeliner (unfortunately it's discontinued now).  

Super Soft Eye Crayon in Matt Green (No6)
Chubby eyeliner with a soft formula in a matt green. I'm currently looking for a subtle way of using this in an eye look for Christmas!

Metallic Liquid Eyeliner in 18
Silver pale pink metallic liquid eyeliner - subtle take on the current metallic eyeliners. Unfortunately I can't seem to find this particular shade online. 

Dazzle Dust in 64
Loose highly pearlised pigment with reflective colour. A bright magenta pink shade.

Dazzle Dust in 34
As mentioned above, a reflective loose pigment. A shimmery deep violet shade. 

Talbots Petites Jacket - £22 
Purchased from The Vintage Scene

A year ago I used to constantly wear blazers and I loved the way they make causal outfits instantly smarter. However my blazers got traded in for a leather jacket and they have taken a back seat. I showed this to my friends and they both said 'it was me'. Although it's quite thin, it sits nicely on my frame and it look great with black jeans. 
And I couldn't help add another photo of Benjamin exploring the clothes!

Salt & Pepper Combat Boots - £30
Purchased at 4feet

One of the main reason these boots were purchased is because I wore heeled boots and a few hours into the Clothes Show, I was literally limping. Although I needed a pair of shoes, I also wanted some I'd actually wear. I've wanted combat boots for ages but was afraid they'd look too masculine on me, however these are quite tight to the leg and I love how they look with black jeans. I've been wearing these constantly! 

I need to apologise for my lack of Blogmas posts - I missed two days due to the Clothes Show trip away (for which I should have scheduled posts) and then I got out of the routine of blogging! 

 I went to the Clothes Show with two friends and unfortunately due to a difficult morning we missed the beginning of the catwalk show. Luckily we didn't miss too much and arrived just in time to see the models walking down the runway. It was a really fun experience - the show has great backdrops, up beat music and dancers (not to mention the topless men). We then moved onto the shopping portion and the whole place was pretty manic! There was lots of bumping into people with bags everyone and squeezing through crowds. After a few hour shopping, we made the journey to Leicester where we were spending the rest of the weekend. 

We went to Las Iguanas for dinner which I've been dying to go for ages but never got round to. Because we arrived early evening there were great deals like 2 for 1 cocktails so we got 2 pitchers to share. They also provided a vegan/vegetarian menu which was a great first impression as some restaurants only have a single vegetarian option to chose from. We also went for the tapas deal so got 3 starters between us - I had nachos which was a huge portion filled with cheese, salsa, guac, sour cream and jalapenos. For the main I had 'The Full Enchilada' which was incredible - it was a fully packed wrap with butternut squash and spinach and was pretty spicy but the right amount. It also came on a bed of onion and garlic rice with refried beans. WOW.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant - It has a lovely atmosphere, great food and I was really impressed with how they catered for vegetarians.

Did you go to the Clothes Show? How was your experience?
Also, recommend any mexican restaurants that are worth trying out! 


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