Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The At Home Drugstore Manicure

Regardless of whether I'm wearing nail varnish, I like to start off by sweeping some nail varnish remover over my nails. This ensures that any remaining nail varnish is fully removed and that the nail is entirely clean of dirt and oil before you begin the manicure.

I then use a cuticle removal cream (I'm using one from Boots) as I've personally never liked the idea of cuticle scissors. My cuticles just need some neatening up rather than completely cutting back. As you can see, I place a small amount of the cream onto my cuticles. massage it in and leave it for 1-2 minutes. I then wrap a cotton wool pad around an orange stick (you can get 10 from Superdrug for 99p!) and use that the gentle push back my cuticles.

After pushing back my cuticles, I wash my hands to get rid of any cream that may be leftover. My nails tend to maintain their natural shape as they grow but I use an emery board (five from Superdrug for 99p) to make sure all my nails are an even shape and length. Personally I think it's best to stick to your natural nail shape as it's quite easy to get carried away with filing (like plucking your eyebrows). Now would also be the time to cut your nails if you prefer them short. 

After putting my nails through filing and cuticle removal, I like to replenish and moisturise with a nail/cuticle oil. I particularly like the Nail and Cuticle Oil from Boots as it comes with a roller ball which I just swipe across my cuticle. I then take some time to massage the oil into my nails and go on to apply a hand cream. This is my favourite step of the manicure as it's relaxing and my nails feel so smooth and nourished. This step is particularly important during Winter, especially if you get dry and flaky nails. 

The Polishes
I like to apply a base coat before any polish in order to completely smooth out the nail and to protect my nails from staining (particularly a problem with dark colours).  I particularly like this Rimmel Nail Nurse polish as it acts as a base coat and top coat and it sets out to make your nails smoother, stronger, longer, moisturised and shiner. 

I'd recommend waiting as long as you can between coats to fully ensure each layer is dry and thus, no smudging. While waiting for my base coat to dry, I had a cup of detox tea and caught up on Made in Chelsea! I then applied two coats of Rimmel Salon Pro in Urban Purple (this was featured in my autumn/winter nails post - here). I think this is a gorgeous berry shade for Autumn and I love the gel effect it gives to the nails. 

These are steps I've followed for a number of years as I've personally never been able to justify the price of getting my nails done professionally! Let me know if you follow these steps for your own at home manicure!


 Disclaimer: I am by no means an expert/professional in this area, these are just the steps I personally take. This post is written in order to share with my readers the things which I find work for me. 


  1. Love this post! Nail care is essential during this time of the year!


    1. Thank you so much! I agree - winter is when your nails need looking after the most!

  2. really nice :)