Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Lip Product Addict Tag

I think it's probably best to start with an apology! I'm already slacking on posts, I didn't realise how long it would take to create each post and as I work in the week, this limits my time.

Moving on to the post! If I would have to define myself as any kind of beauty addict... it would be a lip products. My friends often laugh at the amount of lip products I have but I can't help buying more! So, when saw the 'Lip Product Addict' tag on Youtube (created by Estee of EssieButton and Amelia Liana), I had to do it!

Favourite balm/treatment?

I have really dry, flakey lips and I since I was a teenager I would constantly apply Vaseline throughout the day. I picked this up for £1 in the queue at Tesco as was in need of a lip balm.

Let me tell you, I won't be going back to Vaseline anytime soon. I can honestly say, this is the best condition my lips have ever been in their lives, and that is a huge achievement for a product to make. I was a bit unsure about the scent/taste at first as it seems like a fake variation of strawberry but I've gotten used to it. The product goes on really well and doesn't feel sticky or wet, like Vaseline.

Best eye-catching red?

I'm going to cheat slightly here as my best eye-catching red is also my best MAC lipstick! This is a matt lipstick in the colour 'Ruby Woo'. Although I find MAC lipsticks can be a little bit drying on the lips, the colour is an amazing true red and there's something I can't resist about MAC lipsticks. The smell is great too!

Best luxury & Best Drugstore?

This lipstick is from Illamasqua in the colour 'Howl'. This is the longest lasting lipstick I have ever tried. While it is fairly tough and dry to apply, once it is on it stays put and doesn't feel too drying on the lips. I only have one other lipstick for Illasmasqua but now my wishlist mainly consists of different Illasmasqua lipsticks to try.

This is one of my favourite drugstore lip products. This is Revlon's ColorStay Ultimate Suede range in the colour 'Womenswear'. This, like the Illasmasqua lipstick, is extremely long-lasting. The colour pay off is brilliant and it applies really nicely. I definitely want to try more colours in this range!

The most disappointing?

This lip product disappoints mainly as I was previously impressed with the brand MUA. This is Superdrug's own brand and the lipsticks only cost £1. I bought a few and was impressed with the quality, so bought a ton more. This lipstick (shade 4) disappoints me mainly in terms of colour pay off, and also application as it feels very greasy. The colour appears bright pink with blue undertones but it applies extremely sheer, almost like a tinted lip balm.

 Liner - yes or no?

Another bit of a cheat answer here, liner - sometimes. I wouldn't use it everyday but I enjoy using it to add a finishing touch for a special occasion. One of my favourite lip liners is from Illamasqua in the colour 'Severity' and it fits especially with the Illamasqua lipstick in the colour 'Shard' (a deep purple).

Best gloss?

This is by far one of my favourite lip glosses. It's a Naked ultra nourishing lip gloss by Urban Decay in the colour 'Liar'. The colour pay-off is great and the colour is really pigmented. The formula is really thick and therefore I find it stays a little longer than other lip glosses. The scent is incredible - it smells like mint!

Not to mention the packaging of this is absolutely gorgeous. I definitely want to try out more colours (they have 9 shades available)! It also goes really well the Naked eyeshadow palettes!

Something Extra!

I couldn't do a post on my favourite lip products and not mention lip pens! I love lip pens, particularly as a base to lipstick or under a gloss. I couldn't pick one though, so here are a few of my favourites.

These first two pens are from the 1000 Kisses range by Rimmel in the colours 'Endless Blossom' (top) and 'Nothing But Nude' (bottom). I have almost all the colours in this range but these are my most go to colours. I enjoy wearing these colours under neutral glosses and also as a base under lipsticks as if the lipstick wears off, some colour remains with these pens.

The final lip product is a lip marker from Topshop and is in the colour 'Hot Shot'. Whilst browsing these products, another shopper came and told me that Topshop makeup was terrible. However, I decided to test some out of myself and I'm so glad I did! I fell in love with this product. The pigmentation is so strong, the formula is long lasting and it's really easy to apply and re-apply!

This post has actually been really clarifying for me to see what lip products I should purchase next! I hope you've enjoyed reading and more posts will be coming soon!

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