Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Easter Lush Haul

A caramel-toffee scented bath bomb (similar scent to Honey I Washed the Kids) which contains fair trade Columbian coco butter and moisturising olive oil. This bath bomb feels more like a bath melt in the hands so I'm intrigued to see how in turns out in the bath. One downside, this glitter gets everywhere so I'd recommend tipping this straight out of the bag into the bath. 

I won't lie, I bought this one purely for the scent and no other reason. I really enjoy sweet smells for my baths and this one is no exception as it's candy floss scented. Apparently this is the scent of Snow Fairy so it's the perfect bath bomb to go for if you can't wait till Christmas for your Snow Fairy fix. Unfortunately there's no information about this online so I'm not sure of the benefits but it certainly smells delicious and one of the least inexpensive products from the Easter range.

Bunch of Carrots is what initially drew me to the Lush Easter products as it's an interesting take on the typical Easter products. This bubble bar is scented with lemon and grapefruit oils which aren't at all overpowering - good for those who aren't fans of strong scents. I'd personally use these individually to get the most out of them but you could stir all 3 into the bath for huge bubbles.

This giant bath bomb is the definition of Easter in a bath product. It's sweet with vanilla but lemon and grapefruit oils give it a sharp twist - this is the scent I smell when I walk into a Lush shop. This is one of the more expensive products in the range but you get definitely make the most out of it. You can crack the egg in half to create 2 baths and then inside is either a chick or a bunny! 

This little bunny bath bomb contains anti-bacterial violet leaf absolute and soothing lavender. Lush describes this one as herbal scented but I personally smell it as parma violet sweets. Plus it has popping candy which is by far my favourite thing to be added to bath products!

This isn't part if the Easter products but it is limited edition as it's for Mother's Day. This is a hollow bath bomb which is filled with Turkish rose petals. It's floral scented and smells old fashioned but in a good way (i.e. no complicated scents). This bath bomb contains uplifting orange floral absolute and softening soya milk powder. While this isn't some I would typically go for, something about the petals drew me in and I imagine it would make for a very relaxing bath. 

Let's forget this looks like a Pacman ghost and talk about the smell. Like the Fluffy Egg bath bomb, this has an insanely sweet smell - candy floss and dolly mixture scented. This is the first bath melt I've bought as they're not something that I'm immediately draw to, but I couldn't resist the scent. I initially decided against this but as I was still thinking about it by my next Lush visit, I knew I had to get it. This melt contains marshmallow herb which was traditionally used to treat cuts etc so I imagine it'll be extra soothing for irritated skin. 

The staff in my local Lush store are so friendly and the man serving me was kind enough to give me a handful of samples to take away. They staff spend a lot of time talking you through the products and their benefits whilst often giving a lot of demonstrations (Cribbs Causeway - check them out if you're in the area!).

This is a physical face and body scrub that use sea salt as it's scrub. It contains lime with vodka and grapefruit, however, don't be nervous as it's also contains softening avocado butter and coconut oil.

Grease lightening is a powerful spot treatment in a gel formula. It contains aloe vera gel, tea tree, anti-inflammatory witch hazel and calming lavendar as it's main ingredients. This spot treatment aims to treat the spot directly without irritating the skin surrounding it. I tend to steer clear of spot treatments for fear of them being too chemically harsh but this seems as great alternative!

Cupids Love (sample - Discontinued)
I'd never thought to spend my money on a Lush soap before, I imagined they'd all just be too fussy. That said, I'm excited to have a little sample so I can truly see what the soaps are like! This particular soap is fruit scented with passion fruit and contains soy yoghurt to nourish the skin. Unfortunately, I'm pretty certain this was limited edition for Valentine's Day.

This is another fruit scented soap, this time with mango and mandarin. It also contains neroli oil which has been scientifically proven to increase serotonin levels - a chemical that is thought to influence mood (the psychologist in me is fascinated by this). By scent alone, I think I may be purchasing a full size of this soap for summer. 

I can't quite describe the scent of this soap, but it has a typical 'perfume' smell to it (I think it may be the bergamot oil). It contains a lot of dried fruits mixed with moisturising olibanum oil. This would be a perfect soap to use during the Winter or if you suffer with dry skin. 

What is your holy grail Lush product? Let me know in the comments!


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